Promotional Gifts: The Premium Potential

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Promotional Gifts: The Premium Potential

 The premium potential

Who doesn’t like a freebie from time to time? That said promotional items and corporate gifts are a powerful part of your marketing collateral mix. Here are some of the reasons why:

·         Relevant across generations

·         Cost-effective

·         Customisable

·         High recall

·         Influential

 The big question is do they work and is there a return on investment?

Promotional items rank as one of the most effective prompts to action across generations at low cost, compared to other media, providing a ROI you can’t ignore.

 Here’s the average cost per impression: 



R0.29 – PRINT

R0.59 – RADIO

Promotional items take 1st place for impression ratings across the Millennials, Generation X and the Baby Boomers beating broadcast, web, print and mobile platforms. It’s simple… people love free stuff. Research shows up to 83% of consumers like receiving promotional gifts and 53% of them use the item once a week or more. Did you know, promotional items show the highest recall rates of Brand, Product and Message when compared to other types of media?

Recall of Brand/Company

·         PROMO ITEM – 82%

·         PRINT AD – 67%

·         TVC – 60%

·         INTERNET AD – 31%

 Recall of Product/Service

·         PROMO ITEM74%

·         PRINT AD63%

·         TVC58%

·         INTERNET AD35%

 Recall of Brand/Company AND Product/Service

·         PROMO ITEM73%

·         PRINT AD60%

·         TVC55%

·         INTERNET AD28%

 Another angle

Need to boost your social media engagement? Want insight into your target market? Or simply need to push product? You will be surprised how influential a promotional gift can be.

Will take a survey – 82%

Will post/comment positively about a company or product – 82%

Will ‘Like’ a product or company page/post – 41%

Are more likely to purchase a product – t33%

 Promotional items are without a doubt novel and seasonal. The top trends emerging in 2019 are:

Quality & Environmental Friendliness

Quality is key. If it breaks or falls apart, your brand’s reputation is at risk and so is the environment. Cheap may tick the budget box but considering the quality of materials may save your consumer’s perception and will keep it out the landfill.


Make your customers feel valued by differentiating them with personalised gifts. Technology is making this easier to execute and the result delivers a powerful and memorable impression.

Tech Gadgets

Technology has become part of our everyday lives, so it’s no surprise to see promotional tech based products in demand. Everything from chargers, speakers, earphones and mobile phone accessories are assured to be a hit.


Notebooks and pens still remain in high demand, but smart design can offer more value through multipurpose items and help tell your brand’s story.


The dawn of the Millennials has brought back the value of experience, leading to a rise in promotional items focused on enhancing the user’s experience. People love lifestyle products that add to the creation of memories.


But how do you ensure that this item you’ve invested in is actually going to be used over another company’s branded item? Go custom – unique, bespoke and memorable.

How much will it cost?

So now you’re worried about cost. The Brand Company have 1000s of different option to suite every budget. Simply let us know which items you prefer and your budget and let us source, brand and deliver the best items timeously. Always remember, the items you give away will create a perception of your business and the clientele you are trying to attract. So, if you want premium clients and a premium perception of your business, spend a bit more. It will go a long way. Apple is a prime example of the perceived value of a good quality brand and products. Click here to contact us. 


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