10 Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

10 Ways to Build Brand Awareness

When you’re ordering a drink at a fast-food restaurant, do you ask for a cola, or a Coke? What about when you cut yourself? Do you look for a plastic bandage, or a Band-Aid?

These terms are known as proprietary eponyms, and they’re the apex of brand awareness. While there’s no quick fix for becoming a household name, here are 10 brand-building strategies to help launch (and continue) your efforts. You may not become as well-known as Coca-Cola, but it can’t hurt to try, right?

  1. Outdoor Advertising

When it comes to outdoor advertising, the humble yet highly effect branded gazebo and branded banners not only spreads brand awareness, but it also proves useful and meaningful to yourself and your potential customers and buyers. When it comes to outdoor marketing branded Banners & Gazebos are by far, the most perfect way to market your product or business.

  1. Local Partnerships

Another great brand building strategy is to get involved with local. Partner with other local businesses to hold join intro seminars or festival. Getting your brand plastered around festivals and events will do big things for your brand.

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  1. Car Wraps

A classic tried-and-true strategy for building your brand is getting a car wrap! Car wraps are customized designs that can cover your entire. They can attract a hefty amount of attention, and it’s a great way to ensure that wherever you go, people are becoming more familiar with your brand.

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  1. Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff! Put your brand name on koozies, pens, water bottles, frisbees, etc, then give away your items at local festivals.

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  1. Infographics

Infographics are a bright and colourful way to display interesting marketing data and statistics. These content powerhouses often get shared far and wide, making them a great tool for brand building and thought leadership.


  1. Referral Programs

Users will gladly spread word of your product or service when they know they’ll get an added perk.

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  1. Impressive Guest Content

Another great way to get your brand known on the web is to deliver ultra-valuable, gorgeous looking content to share on other blogs. Guest posting is still a powerful way to get your name known in your industry.

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  1. Social Media Contests

Run a social media contest in which contestants submit a photo or video, with other users voting for their favourites. Contestants will share the link with friends and family to get more votes, building your brand awareness as a result.

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  1. Podcasts

Starting your own industry podcast where you interview industry experts is a great way to build your brand while also developing relationships with others in your field.

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  1. PPC & Social Advertising

With SEO becoming more competitive every day, while organic Google real-estate shrinks, PPC is a smart solution for getting your brand seen on Google. With targeted keyword research, you could be showing up at the top of Google for relevant searches.

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