Digital transfer printing will make your brand come alive.

Thanks to the high resolution and photo-realistic results offered by digital transfer printing you’ll never have to compromise on your artwork again.

Digital transfer printing on clothing is soft-touch and super-lightweight to wear, has flexible characteristics and stretches with the garment, has only one set up cost no matter the number of colours and offers long-lasting results.
The additional advantages of digital transfer printing become clearly apparent when compared and contrasted to the more traditional processes of embroidery and heat transfer. There are four main characteristics that make this a true branding revolution:
1. Fine detail and small text are printable and visible.
2. Different gradients and shading is printable.
3. Colours are bright and vibrant and not limited to a maximum number.
4. Photo realistic results are achieved every time.

Far sharper detail and clarity is achievable with digital transfer printing when compared to embroidery.

Small text won’t close up and text as small as 1mm will be legible. This is in stark contrast to the 5mm requirement of embroidery.

When compared to heat transfer, no weeding is necessary (heavy, solid blocks are not required behind text and images). Digital transfer printing is super-lightweight to wear and has flexible characteristics that allow the print to stretch with the garment

Digital transfer printing offers the ability to reproduce artwork with gradients and shading, delivering results with a new sense of depth as compared to the flat, solid colours associated with embroidery.

Digital transfer printing provides access to the full spectrum of colours, whereas embroidery is limited to a relatively small number of thread colours. Harnessing the true power of colour, digital transfer printing produces high-impact results.

Digital Transfer printing delivers pixel-sharp, photographic quality which enhances your marketing campaigns by incorporating images that traditional embroidery simply cannot replicate. Digital printing on caps revolutionise branding on caps with the ability to print across seams. You can choose from our awesome range of 6 panel caps and do
your brand your way!

With our extensive range of promo-clothing, everyday-essentials and corporate clothing providing the perfect canvas, you’re able to take advantage of our state-of-the-art digital printing equipment when promoting your brand, be it for a conference, staff uniform or next marketing campaign. Knowing that any artwork can be reproduced in full colour and detail, at a relatively inexpensive price, digital transfer printing is sure to become a favourite choice for high-impact results.

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